Being Able To Delegate Confidently

Once that new business is up and running, you’ve got  your first few orders satisfied and the money is in your account, there are many other considerations.  To expand the business so that you don’t get to the point of being too successful and then not being able to service all the enquiries, then hiring or bringing in new colleagues will become necessary.  Acquiring the services of people you trust is critical here.  If you don’t feel 100% comfortable with them yourself, don’t bring them in.  This new guy or gal will be getting their own leads and building up relationships which ultimately reflect on  your business.   Another point when you’re expanding fast.  Don’t feel bad about delegating.  The biggest mistake a business owners makes is the inability to hand over the controls now and again.   Giving some responsibility to others is good – being able to show you trust them will really cement a good relationship of your own.