Business Development Management Careers

The list of different business job titles and opportunities these days is quite dizzying.   For example, how many of us have actually wondered what exactly does a business development manager do  . . . . . Well, the role involves getting out there, mingling, netowrking, forging partnerships and friendships and finding new customers.  Also it will mean approaching existing clients and getting them to buy more of what you are selling.  They work in a very wide range of different business models  in both private and public arenas.   Let’s consider manufacturing for example, you would be required to secure as many new production contracts as possible for your companies to ensure there is never a gap between soon to be completed orders and soon to be started new ones.   Duties and responsibilities for this type of management role includes ‘cold calling’ i.e calling companies without introduction from a third party;  getting  your company name and yours in particular, out there for folk to remember.  You may need to attend conferences and see what the competition is offering.    Lots of irons in the fire…..