How to Simplify The Technology in Your Business

When you manage a busy business, it is all to easy for the day to whizz past without you taking a second breath. Here are some top ways to streamline things in your office, starting with something we all use throughout the day; technology. Love it or hate it, it’s a fact that new technology will always be introduced as a way to make jobs easier.

1. Servers: a server can act as a digital filing cabinet.  Think of it as a way to link up a bunch of your PCs together, a bit like a chain. Servers allow you to reliably store information and data in a secure way which means your important documents can be easily backed up every day, saving you the worry of keeping vital information safe.

2. Phone: If you use both mobile phones and landlines in your office, you are probably spending too much time missing calls and ending up with a long list of voicemails to sift through. Save time and money by switching to a VoIP system. VoIP stands for Voice Over IP, meaning you can take calls via your computer and mobile. These systems are often much cheaper too!

3. Online Everything! Switch all your accounting online for easy useage. You can easily generate invoices, handle payments and get automatic reminders when customers are due to make payments. Your personal banking is often conducted online, so why not your business too?

4. Website: your business website is a client’s main way to access your business. It is so important that visitors can find what they need, and quickly via your website. An online FAQ for example, can reduce the number of calls customers need to make to your customer service team, freeing up time to work on other areas.