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Free Guide to Buying Print

As a feature of our willingness to assist both old and new friends alike, viagra canada recipe we offer this collection of tips as a guide to purchasing better print.

  1. Always ask for a written quotation and, look if you ask more than one print provider, best cialis make sure that you provide each contender with the same written ‘brief’ this will help you compare the responses in a like-for-like way.
  2. Helpful printers can often save you time, trouble and money so be prepared to listen to suggestions or take advice. The best options may differ from your own assumptions or specification.
  3. Good print suppliers will be keen to offer you ideas and suggestions - even at their own expense. They will also explain things in an unpatronising way and avoid using confusing technical jargon.
  4. The majority of printers or print agents and brokers are honest. They want only what is best for you. However, some might be tempted to treat your work according to their own preferences and priorities. If in doubt, always seek a provider who you feel can be trusted.
  5. Once you have a written quotation feel at liberty to clarify anything that you don’t understand or recognise. It is much better for both parties to address any concerns at this stage rather than further down the line when it could be too late.
  6. When you place your order make sure you receive an acknowledgement. Check that the details match and are in line with your requirements. Also check completion dates and delivery details are appropriate.
  7. Unless the print job is an exact repeat of a previous project, always insist on a proof copy that you can check and approve before finally going to print. Ideally the proof stage should be seen as an opportunity to check positioning, colours and technical details, not just as a chance to rewrite all your text or alter the design.
  8. Always check your proof carefully even if it takes time to do so. Remember you will have to sign-off the proof to confirm that you are happy to proceed.
  9. Minor amendments made at the proof stage are normally carried out free of charge. However, you should bear in mind that there may be an additional charge for new proofs. Always check this point prior to requesting alterations.
  10. Finally, don’t leave it until the last minute to order your print. While the printers will doubtless do their utmost to meet your deadline the risk of errors will increase if the job is rushed. It is better to allow yourself extra time just in case things change or problems arise.

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