Small Business Embraces New Technology

I have dealings with a couple of very small businesses.  In fact two of them are one woman operations and they both work in similar fields but operate in completely different ways.  My foot specialist doesn’t offer text appointment reminders or means to pay by card.  In this day and age, this is a basic facility but the lady insists it cost too much per transaction.   On the other hand, my hairdressser, newly ousted from her cute little studio above the gym, is now having to trawl around to her clients in their homes until she can sort a new studio location.  This lass embraces new technology – she operates a large hardback book diary but also on her mobile so she confirms the next appointment, takes payment by card and then issues text receipt.  It does all her calculations for VAT etc too totting up her supplies, mileage and business running costs.  A savvy young lass!