The Work Benefits YOU Should Offer to Attract the Best Employees…

There’s no doubt that it takes a lot to attract the very best staff to work at your organisation, and offering perks and benefits is a great way to ensure you get the very best. Here are some of the best perks you could offer your staff to ensure not only the best candidates, but long term workers who want to stay with you.

More flexible holidays

A good work-life balance makes staff not only happier, but more productive. In addition to contractual holiday, offering additional holiday every so often can be a great bonus for your staff. Why not offer a long weekend for staff once a quarter, or perhaps allow employees’ a day off on their birthday for example.

Family focus

Research has shown that only 40% of organisations offer fully flexible working hours, and around 70% allow parents to take time off to nurse a sick child.  To make your business stand out from the crowd, offer a focus on employees’ families so parents can keep a good balance on work/parenting life. Parents will be so grateful to have the option to work from home every so often, or to take time out to attend school events.

Memberships & Subscriptions

Many businesses offer things like gym memberships to their employees to stay healthy. Healthy staff are less likely to take time off for illness, after all! Why not go even further and offer staff Netflix or Spotify memberships too? These are relatively small costs which an make your business seem fun and unique.


Any driven young person will want to start getting the benefits of their education, so it is important to show that you value growth and development of your staff.  Make it clear in job adverts when you will offer promotions and the opportunity to develop their career.