From Office Junior To Management Via Supervisory

There is no doubt that in this fast paced business world, most folk have to carry out more than one defined role.  This is quite unlike the days when I first began work.  There was the office or shop floor junior – this person generally got all the grim jobs to do.  Filing paperwork, sweeping up, making tea etc.  After a little while they would be expected to learn the ropes of one or two slightly more expeienced colleagues.  The supervisors  were expected to know the jobs inside out so they could step back in to do the job if the operator was off.  Above this layer would be managerial staff – who again were fully conversant with every job on the shop floor or in that office and was expected to be able to fill the breech should one occur.   These days recruiting a multi faceted individual with a tough ‘can do’ attitude is the only option to compete in the business jungle.